Glasshus Facades – Official Charity Partner – The Clothing Bank

We recently became aware of a local charity called The Clothing Bank that we at Glasshus Facades have chosen to partner with and offer our full support.

In these uncertain times, after meeting living expenses many families are struggling financially and have little funds left over to provide essential such as clothing for their families. The Clothing Bank was set up in January 2020 by two local women, who realised there was a need to support struggling families provide vital clothing for both themselves and their children. The charity also supports survivors of domestic abuse, who have run away from their family home without any possessions and now require support to start again and provide essential clothing for their young children.

The Clothing Bank distribute via referrals they receive through their Social Media and support organisations. They have a strong Facebook following of 26,000 people and they aim to provide seven days of clothing plus seven days of new underwear, each referral.

One of their recent cases was a mum of two children that was so desperate she told her children Santa wasn’t real as she didn’t know what else to do as she couldn’t afford to clothe them let alone buy toys. The Clothing Bank listened and reassured her she was a good mum and they would help.

As a local business we want to support this fantastic charity and help ease the pressure of families struggling financially at this time of year. Here at GHF, from week commencing 26th October until 4th December 2020 we will be collecting clothing, children’s toys, books, selection boxes, Christmas decorations and toiletries or if preferred, a financial donation. If you would like to contribute via GHF as opposed to directly to The Clothing Bank, please feel free to get in touch with Alison or Lisa in our Head Office on 01924890750.

Speaking about the Charity, Glasshus facades Managing Director, Liam Hourigan said Nothing would make me prouder than to the see everyone at GHF, our clients, perspective clients, partners and associates get behind this charity and make a real difference to some of the country’s most desperately in need families this Christmas.”

“Any support you or your companies are able to offer will be gratefully received by Sally and Sharon.”

The Clothing Bank


Low Street


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Glasshus facades Instructed to Proceed on The Christies, Paterson Building, Manchester

Glasshus facades Instructed to Proceed on The Christies, Paterson Building, Manchester

We are delighted to announce that after almost a year of engagement and competitive tendering, we recently received instruction from Vinci Construction to proceed with design works for the envelope package.

Speaking of the recent award Glasshus Facades Managing Director said,

The project is an impressive addition to the local area and affords GHF the opportunity to showcase our Unitised Curtain Wall Expertise as well as build long term relationships with new clients in a market that we are looking to make a real impact on”.

We look forward to making further announcements over the coming weeks and months.

GHF Apprentice Passes SMSTS

Glasshus Facades Apprentice Site Manager, Jack Johnson Q&A

Glasshus Facades Apprentice Site Manager, Jack Johnson, recently passed his SMSTS course and as such we thought we would take the opportunity to have a catch up with Jack and ask him a few questions about his experience with GHF so far and what he believes the future holds for him.

1. When did you join GHF

I started working for Glasshus Facades as a Trainee Site Manager on July 1st, 2019

2. What interested you about the role you applied for

The role interested me as it was a great opportunity for me to learn and develop new skills in site management both within a college environment and a more hands on environment on site.

3. Please can you tell us a little bit about a typical working week for you at GHF

A typical working week for me working on our Meadowside project in Manchester involves general supervision of our site operatives and ensuring they understand what they will be doing and that they have the correct equipment to do so. In regard to the install team I ensure they have the correct unitised panels in a sequential order ready for them to install, I also liaise with the production manager on upcoming deliveries through the week. Finally, every week the main contractors require a ‘safety pack’ with all safety documents including LOLER check sheets, a toolbox talk etc which I collect and submit every Friday afternoon

4. What have your learnt so far in your role with GHF

I have developed key skills on site such as leadership and communication whilst improving my confidence with colleagues. My knowledge of construction in general was little to none, so this has developed massively in such a short time, this is due to getting involved on site and the support of everyone around me.

5. What do you enjoy most about your role with GHF?

I definitely enjoy the challenges that are presented on site and finding ways to overcome them. Also, the enjoyment of learning comes from a genuine interest in the trade and the teamwork of the GHF site team

6. Have you developed any life skills that you use in everyday life that you may not have done had you not started your apprenticeship?

My communication skills and confidence have improved massively due to this apprenticeship, this has shown in my everyday life when generally speaking to people, especially when speaking to a large group.

7. How will your SMSTS qualification help you to perform your job for GHF

The SMSTS qualification has given me a greater insight to the health and safety responsibilities of a manager and will allow me to project this knowledge and use this to my benefit to work as safely and as effectively as possible on site. This Qualification also improves my understanding of the laying out of paperwork side including method statements and risk assessments, which I am a lot more confident with now

8. How do you find balancing college course and the related coursework with a full-time job on site?

Balancing work and coursework can be challenging. It can be difficult after a full day on site coming home and completing assignments, but good time management and organisation makes this more manageable and it helps to know putting in the time and work now will benefit me in the future

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years’, time I would really like to be a fully qualified senior site manager and hopefully running my own site.

10. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about getting an apprenticeship in construction

To anyone thinking about pursuing a construction apprenticeship I would definitely recommend it as it allows you to gain a hands-on experience whilst also getting the classroom-based knowledge that is required to progress and earn money whilst doing so. The construction industry is forever developing so there is so many different roles and opportunities within


Speaking about Jack’s achievement, Glasshus Facades Managing Director Liam Hourigan addedI cannot speak highly enough about Jack. I visit site quite often and each time I am there I see first-hand just how competent Jack is and I truly appreciate the contribution he makes to the team. To be honest, I feel Jack is taking on more responsibility than he possibly should, but he is excelling in the role and I know everyone at site, be it GHF employees or other trades, respect Jack and his work.


“For someone to have been in the industry for a year and already have the site experience he has coupled with a qualification such as SMSTS is fantastic. Whilst Jack is proving to be a real asset to the business, the industry itself is a healthier one for having young and ambitious people like Jack. At GHF we are lucky to have a number of brilliant Apprentices who are growing into their roles and we plan for another intake of Apprentices later this year and next.”


If you are interested in a career with Glasshus Facades Limited, please feel free to send your CV to 




Today our Fantastic Four enrolled at The Leeds Building College of Building as they embark on their journey in the façade industry.

The four comprise of Jack – Trainee Site Manager, Nathan – Trainee Estimator and Ewan and Taylor – Trainee Designer Draftsmen. Jack and Nathan have enrolled on the NVQ Level 3 Construction in the Built Environment and Ewan and Taylor have enrolled on the NVQ Level 3 Built Environment Design Apprenticeship.

(Photo Left to Right: Jack Johnson, Nathan Carter, Ewan Wood and Taylor Cartwright)

When questioned about his role in the business, Jack said “Glasshus Facades is a new company, and in my opinion, has great potential from what I have seen so far. Everyone is hard working and gets done what needs to be done, while also keeping a fun atmosphere throughout. Since joining I have completed many interesting tasks including being part of the team to deliver the mockup in Manchester and creating a survey and layout drawing of the factory with Ewan in the design team. The job will unveil many opportunities for me in the future and I am excited to complete my courses and become fully qualified and learn as much as I can.”  

Ewan Wood Added “GHF has provided me with a great opportunity by welcoming me into the construction industry as a designer, which is a job that throws new challenges at me every day and one I enjoy. As a designer, there is a lot to learn whilst holding a big future within the industry where you literally do learn something new every day. I’m not only excited about my future but also the future of GHF as well. As a new company targeting big projects and a big future, I’m excited to see where the next 10 years take GHF as a company.”

Taylor Cartwright stated “Since working at Glasshus facades I have recognised the company has high work ethics and has an overall friendly environment, my job role within the company is great as it brings new challenges and new tasks each day. My role also exposes me to a variety of aspects within the construction industry. I look forward to moving into the future with the company.”

Speaking about the Fantastic Four, Glasshus Facades Managing Director Liam Hourigan added “As someone who started out as an apprentice at 16 I am a big believer that the key to success is taking on board young lads and invest the time and money into them for the long term benefit of the business. I actually took the same course that Jack and Nathan have enrolled on and I know they will kill it and go on to be huge success stories. All of the lads bring their own unique personalities and qualities to the business and their respective departments. Even at this early stage in their careers with GHF, none of them is being carried, they are all extremely capable and adding value.”

“In the case of Ewan, he is a local lad who was actually our first employee so he has been with us since day one effectively and the other three, Jack, Nathan and Taylor are all products from our tie-up with the Castleford Tigers. Nathan and Taylor work and study around their rugby commitments but sadly, due to injury, Jack has had to leave the full-time rugby environment and has thrown himself into the Site Management role. As the business grows and our current apprentices progress we will be looking to increase the number of young people we engage on apprentice terms.”



Earlier this month we moved out of our serviced offices in Leeds and took possession of our new premises in Normanton, West Yorkshire.

The move sees the company shift into a 25,000 Sq Ft facility located just off of Junction 31 of the M62, which over the next 4 weeks will be transformed into a state of the art unitised curtain wall facades production facility. Located along the M62 and between the M1 and A1, we can service contracts all over the UK with relative ease.

In collaboration with Elumatec and Sika, Glasshus Facades will be able to offer fabricated unitised envelope solutions to the UK market as well as structural silicone bonding solutions to our customers. It is believed that this strategic move will put the company in a great place to grow and develop the business over the coming years.

Speaking about the move, Glasshus Facades Managing Director Liam Hourigan also added ‘With one eye on BREXIT and our ever-growing relationship with Westfields Construction, we felt the time was right to press ahead with plans to set up our own Unitised Curtain Wall Facades production facility. Since starting GHF it has always been an ambition of mine to establish a dedicated unitised curtain wall facade facility with both the capacity and price point to compete with the Eastern European Contractors currently operating in the small and medium-sized façade market here in the UK. We recognised that it was important that we established a facility that looked and felt like a unitised curtain wall façade facility which is why we are complementing our state of the art Elumatec saws and CNC machines with conveyors and structural silicone bonding houses.’

‘Over the last 6 months, we have invested tremendously in our in-house design and engineering team so that we can accommodate the volume of design works needed to not only service our ongoing contracts but to win new works and successfully deliver those. This investment is complimented well by the investment in local youths and our tie-up with the Castleford Tigers Academy, who we have employed as trainee fabricators.’

Glasshus Facades operations Director John Beaumont also added ‘I believe that having the ability to manufacture Unitised Façade Systems including our SSG elements using state of the art cutting and CNC machines will give us a significant quality and cost advantage over not only the UK competition but the major players who import from Italy, Eastern Europe, Germany and further afield.’

‘I believe that within 12 months we will have a facility that is the envy of the rest of the UK market. In doing so Architects, Principle Contractors and Clients will be able to unlock the true potential of Unitising their facades and deliver buildings with facades of exceptional quality at extremely competitive rates with reduced lead times and install periods.’

Keep an eye on our website over the coming months for more news and to keep up with developments concerning our factory and projects.

If you are an experienced curtain wall windows and doors fabricator and you would like to join our growing team and receive a £1,000 joining bonus please feel free to send your CV to



Today the team are enjoying the presentation of our newly launched ProjectHus – ProjectHus is a company-specific, Project Management and Control software tool co-written between the management of GHF and the software provider. The web-based system will enable GHF to minimise paperwork and streamline all departments with a single point of reference for all aspects of company and project control.


Recruitment Design Team Leaders.

Due to a growing order book, we are looking for Design Team Leaders as well as both Senior and Intermediate Design Draftspersons to join our expanding team in West Yorkshire. You will be expected to work on Unitised Facade Projects in both London and Manchester as well as supporting the Tender Team.

Applicants must be eligible to live and work in the UK. Proven track record in Unitised Facades would be an advantage.

Interested candidates should send their CV to



Signing professional rugby League Contracts with the Castleford Tigers is something all too familiar for Nathan Massey, but today he put pen to paper on a different kind of contract, one that he hopes will put him in good stead for when the time comes to end his playing career.

Nathan has agreed to dedicate his spare time away from his rugby commitments at the Castleford Tigers  to work alongside Glasshus facades’ project management team to help deliver the façade package on the prestigious Meadowside Plots 2 and 3 in Manchester. Nathan will be introduced to all aspects of being a Construction Site Manager with duties including but not limited to; managing deliveries, sub-contractor’s progress as well as interfacing with the main contractor and client’s design team. As part of his agreement with the company, Nathan will be enrolled onto an NVQ Level 3 in Construction in the Built Environment at Leeds Building College with the view to him eventually undertaking an HND Level 5 in Construction Management. It is hoped that by successfully combining his rugby career with hands on practical work experience as well as securing recognised qualifications along the way, Nathan can look forward to a promising career in construction management with Glasshus Facades once his playing career comes to an end.   

Speaking about the employment opportunity with Glasshus Facades Nathan Massey added ‘I am over the moon to have this opportunity put in front of me which enables me to gain a qualification and a job as construction site manager post my playing days. Its easy to forget that rugby league is a short career and the thought of retirement is daunting for anyone especially when you have signed on a  full time basis straight from school. This will give me a great insight into normal working life as well as being able to obtain a recognised qualification to work with Glasshus Facades when the time comes for me to hang up my boots.

Speaking with Liam, its great to see his passion not only for GHF but also for the Castleford Tigers and wanting to make a difference for players both pre, post and during their rugby careers. This can be seen with the sponsorship agreement with the academy which gives the younger players a chance to combine training and playing with work and study. I would like to thank Liam for offering me this chance to take the role. I cannot wait to get stuck in.’

Glasshus Facades Managing Director Liam Hourigan also added ‘As well as the partnership with the Academy, this was really something I wanted to do with the club for some time and having got to know Nathan over the last 4/5 months I believe he has all the attributes to make a promising career for himself once the time comes for him to hang up his boots.

As fans we all too often see famous faces disappear from sight after their career and unless they are fortunate enough to secure an opportunity in the Media we rarely hear of what successes they go on to achieve post playing. I believe as businesses involved with clubs and the game as a whole, we can afford to give a lot more back in terms of providing opportunities for players in the workplace and I am delighted to see Nathan take this opportunity with both hands. I wish him the very best of luck and I sincerely hope he goes on to cement himself as an integral part of our team for years to come.’