Glasshus Facades Goes International

Glasshus Facades Goes International

We are pleased to announce that March sees the opening of a new Design Office in the Philippines.

Glasshus Facades Philippines Inc will not only support but enhance the UK’s head office design and engineering operations for all ongoing and prospective projects for Glasshus Facades.

We are proud to welcome Emmanuel Fajardo, Leo Lachica, Jerome Vidanes and Mark Labador to the Glasshus Facades Family and are genuinely excited by the experience and expertise that they are able to offer to the business moving forward.

We thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with the General Manager of Glasshus Facades Philippines, Emmanuel Fajardo, and ask him a few questions;

Why you’ve joined Glasshus Facades?

I see this opportunity as a way of contributing to the company’s exciting vision to be the best façade organization in the UK. The challenges that come along in leading Glasshus Facades Philippines, indeed provide a great chance to showcase our technical knowledge bringing positive growth to Glasshus Facades.

What do you think you will bring to Glasshus façade team.

With the vast experience the Glasshus Facades Philippine team possess and the type of ground-breaking work that Glasshus Facades have put forward, Glasshus Facades Philippines would be able to confidently chip in the best technical knowledge support on all on-going and future projects of the company. We also believe that these technical skillset & experiences not only shall bring more value to the organization but in turn, shall also help us to acquire experience and skills amidst Glasshus Facades professional work culture.

What’s your goal?

  • To develop a cutting edge and bespoke curtain wall system that will create business opportunities and propel Glasshus Façades as the number one choice in the UK façade industry.
  • To ensure that Glasshus Facades Philippines strategic goals, policies and standards are set in terms of providing the best technical support to Glasshus Facades.
  • Design Solutions that lower the cost of materials and fabrication.
  • Provide the right training and right tools to increase productivity level by reducing manhours by 15%.

What are you looking forward to?

  • Glasshus Facades Philippines taking initiative on starting new projects and coming up with new ideas that will generate more profit for Glasshus Facades.
  • Glasshus Facades Philippines working in a professional manner, meeting all the expectations and setting the bar really high in terms of providing the brightest ideas and technical knowledge to Glasshus Facades.
  • Glasshus Facades becoming the No. 1 company in the UK, subsequently, Glasshus Facades Philippines growing in numbers.

Speaking about the expansion Glasshus Facades Technical Director, Simon Carr Said “The addition of the team at Glasshus Facades Philippines Inc to the Glasshus Facades Ltd. family, increases the design capacity of the GHF Technical Department, and with the Façade Design & Management skills of Emmanuel, along with team members Mark, Leo, and Jerome, also adds considerable experience in the design and delivery of Unitised Facades in projects ranging from bespoke ‘statement’ buildings to large scale multi-storey tall buildings.

Glasshus Facades Ltd., and subsequently our clients, can now benefit from ‘extended hours’ design service, giving the business the flexibility and obvious benefits of having a technical design team finishing their working day, as the technical team in head office start theirs.

I personally have first-hand experience of the technical design qualities of the GHF Philippines team, having previously worked with the guys in the UAE, and I am excited to be working with them again, working hand in hand to deliver the technical design of future projects for Glasshus Facades Ltd.

I have no doubt that Emmanuel, Mark, Leo, and Jerome will quickly become pivotal members of the GHF Technical Team, and that our clients can benefit from their experience in design & drafting glazed facades, and bespoke Unitised Curtain Wall building envelopes.”

Liam Hourigan, Managing Director of Glasshus Facades added “from day 1 I always harboured the ambition to branch out internationally for design and engineering support. At a time when GHF are adopting a Buy British approach, it’s an unfortunate reality that the UK has a limited pool of design talent that can demonstrate genuine Unitised Curtain Wall Experience in not only System House provided solutions but large scale customised unitised solutions. At GHF we are lucky to have some fantastic design staff based in both our Head Office and North East Office and by acquiring the talent of Mani and his Team, GHF is able to go up another level in terms of the overall quality and strength of our Technical capabilities.

Mani and the Team are able to demonstrate example after example of delivering custom-designed, unitised curtain wall facades to some of the world’s most iconic projects and having cut their teeth in the middle East Markets, they are all too familiar with the fast track nature of the industry, which will only help GHF and the service we provide our clients.

By having our office based in Clark, Pampanga, we are able to offer our client’s an around the clock design service which will only improve our efficiency and the speed with which we are able to service our client’s and contracts. Glasshus Facades Philippines Inc is an office that we will be looking to invest in further over the years to meet the needs of Glasshus Facades Ltd and our design and engineering needs.”

If you are interested in a career with Glasshus Facades Philippines Inc please send your CV and Cover Letter to for consideration in the future.