GHF Apprentice Passes SMSTS

Glasshus Facades Apprentice Site Manager, Jack Johnson Q&A

Glasshus Facades Apprentice Site Manager, Jack Johnson, recently passed his SMSTS course and as such we thought we would take the opportunity to have a catch up with Jack and ask him a few questions about his experience with GHF so far and what he believes the future holds for him.

1. When did you join GHF

I started working for Glasshus Facades as a Trainee Site Manager on July 1st, 2019

2. What interested you about the role you applied for

The role interested me as it was a great opportunity for me to learn and develop new skills in site management both within a college environment and a more hands on environment on site.

3. Please can you tell us a little bit about a typical working week for you at GHF

A typical working week for me working on our Meadowside project in Manchester involves general supervision of our site operatives and ensuring they understand what they will be doing and that they have the correct equipment to do so. In regard to the install team I ensure they have the correct unitised panels in a sequential order ready for them to install, I also liaise with the production manager on upcoming deliveries through the week. Finally, every week the main contractors require a ‘safety pack’ with all safety documents including LOLER check sheets, a toolbox talk etc which I collect and submit every Friday afternoon

4. What have your learnt so far in your role with GHF

I have developed key skills on site such as leadership and communication whilst improving my confidence with colleagues. My knowledge of construction in general was little to none, so this has developed massively in such a short time, this is due to getting involved on site and the support of everyone around me.

5. What do you enjoy most about your role with GHF?

I definitely enjoy the challenges that are presented on site and finding ways to overcome them. Also, the enjoyment of learning comes from a genuine interest in the trade and the teamwork of the GHF site team

6. Have you developed any life skills that you use in everyday life that you may not have done had you not started your apprenticeship?

My communication skills and confidence have improved massively due to this apprenticeship, this has shown in my everyday life when generally speaking to people, especially when speaking to a large group.

7. How will your SMSTS qualification help you to perform your job for GHF

The SMSTS qualification has given me a greater insight to the health and safety responsibilities of a manager and will allow me to project this knowledge and use this to my benefit to work as safely and as effectively as possible on site. This Qualification also improves my understanding of the laying out of paperwork side including method statements and risk assessments, which I am a lot more confident with now

8. How do you find balancing college course and the related coursework with a full-time job on site?

Balancing work and coursework can be challenging. It can be difficult after a full day on site coming home and completing assignments, but good time management and organisation makes this more manageable and it helps to know putting in the time and work now will benefit me in the future

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years’, time I would really like to be a fully qualified senior site manager and hopefully running my own site.

10. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about getting an apprenticeship in construction

To anyone thinking about pursuing a construction apprenticeship I would definitely recommend it as it allows you to gain a hands-on experience whilst also getting the classroom-based knowledge that is required to progress and earn money whilst doing so. The construction industry is forever developing so there is so many different roles and opportunities within


Speaking about Jack’s achievement, Glasshus Facades Managing Director Liam Hourigan addedI cannot speak highly enough about Jack. I visit site quite often and each time I am there I see first-hand just how competent Jack is and I truly appreciate the contribution he makes to the team. To be honest, I feel Jack is taking on more responsibility than he possibly should, but he is excelling in the role and I know everyone at site, be it GHF employees or other trades, respect Jack and his work.


“For someone to have been in the industry for a year and already have the site experience he has coupled with a qualification such as SMSTS is fantastic. Whilst Jack is proving to be a real asset to the business, the industry itself is a healthier one for having young and ambitious people like Jack. At GHF we are lucky to have a number of brilliant Apprentices who are growing into their roles and we plan for another intake of Apprentices later this year and next.”


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