Today our Fantastic Four enrolled at The Leeds Building College of Building as they embark on their journey in the façade industry.

The four comprise of Jack – Trainee Site Manager, Nathan – Trainee Estimator and Ewan and Taylor – Trainee Designer Draftsmen. Jack and Nathan have enrolled on the NVQ Level 3 Construction in the Built Environment and Ewan and Taylor have enrolled on the NVQ Level 3 Built Environment Design Apprenticeship.

(Photo Left to Right: Jack Johnson, Nathan Carter, Ewan Wood and Taylor Cartwright)

When questioned about his role in the business, Jack said “Glasshus Facades is a new company, and in my opinion, has great potential from what I have seen so far. Everyone is hard working and gets done what needs to be done, while also keeping a fun atmosphere throughout. Since joining I have completed many interesting tasks including being part of the team to deliver the mockup in Manchester and creating a survey and layout drawing of the factory with Ewan in the design team. The job will unveil many opportunities for me in the future and I am excited to complete my courses and become fully qualified and learn as much as I can.”  

Ewan Wood Added “GHF has provided me with a great opportunity by welcoming me into the construction industry as a designer, which is a job that throws new challenges at me every day and one I enjoy. As a designer, there is a lot to learn whilst holding a big future within the industry where you literally do learn something new every day. I’m not only excited about my future but also the future of GHF as well. As a new company targeting big projects and a big future, I’m excited to see where the next 10 years take GHF as a company.”

Taylor Cartwright stated “Since working at Glasshus facades I have recognised the company has high work ethics and has an overall friendly environment, my job role within the company is great as it brings new challenges and new tasks each day. My role also exposes me to a variety of aspects within the construction industry. I look forward to moving into the future with the company.”

Speaking about the Fantastic Four, Glasshus Facades Managing Director Liam Hourigan added “As someone who started out as an apprentice at 16 I am a big believer that the key to success is taking on board young lads and invest the time and money into them for the long term benefit of the business. I actually took the same course that Jack and Nathan have enrolled on and I know they will kill it and go on to be huge success stories. All of the lads bring their own unique personalities and qualities to the business and their respective departments. Even at this early stage in their careers with GHF, none of them is being carried, they are all extremely capable and adding value.”

“In the case of Ewan, he is a local lad who was actually our first employee so he has been with us since day one effectively and the other three, Jack, Nathan and Taylor are all products from our tie-up with the Castleford Tigers. Nathan and Taylor work and study around their rugby commitments but sadly, due to injury, Jack has had to leave the full-time rugby environment and has thrown himself into the Site Management role. As the business grows and our current apprentices progress we will be looking to increase the number of young people we engage on apprentice terms.”